Welcome to Trinity Financial & Insurance Solutions, individually owned and operated by Louie Berrodin, celebrating over 20 years of serving others as a financial planner in Akron, Ohio.

Trinity FAIS offers relationship-based service for high-net worth individuals, small business owners, families, single adults, and retirees looking to grow their wealth and protect their income and assets. With Louie Berrodin, you’ll receive an integrated level of support with products backed by solid financial institutions that offer the digital tools you need to access and manage your investments. Louie uses specialized strategies to help guide his clients through possible outcomes and risk with absolute transparency.

If you have never worked with a financial planner before, perhaps you have some reservations. Many people are uncomfortable sharing their financial status, fearing they don’t earn enough money, haven’t saved enough, or lack insurance and investment knowledge.

No two financial journeys are alike but getting on the right path to financial wellness starts with you.

That’s perfectly normal. And it’s absolutely okay. There are lots of stresses in life but seeking help from a financial planner should not be one of them. In fact, talking with the right financial planner should ease your mind and leave you feeling hopeful and excited about your future.

Let’s start a simple conversation with no pressure. Together, we can figure out where you are now and how to make your financial goals a reality.

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Striving to bring you a wide array of services whatever season of life you are in.

Disability Income Insurance

Protect your income and your family if you become unable to work due to accident or illness.

Life Insurance

Guiding you through a variety of plans and policy options based on your specific needs.

Health Insurance

Explore individual and family plans that can provide the best care for your budget.

Long Term CARE Insurance

Avoid draining your assets should you require home, skilled, or assisted living care at any age.

Mutual Funds

A professionally managed investment fund that pools money from many investors to purchase securities.


Create a lifetime income with an annuity that’s designed to help achieve your retirement goals.

Simple IRAs

Enroll in an employer-funded plan and enjoy tax-advantaged contributions and growth.

401(k) Plans

Helping you invest with confidence to get the most value out of your 401(k) plan.

529 College Savings

Invest early and regularly in your child’s future to help them reach their higher education goals.

Estate Planning Strategies

Take control of the future to protect the ones you love and ensure your wishes are carried out.