Louie Berrodin

Committed to a higher sense of values, louie berrodin truly cares about his clients and puts their needs first.

Photo of Louie Berrodin

Akron financial planner Louie Berrodin has been providing financial services for over 20 years to clients in Ohio and throughout the country. Having worked at some of the industry’s most respected financial companies, Louie amassed the skills necessary to help clients identify their definition of financial security and focus on solutions that help them reach their individual goals.

Before founding Trinity Financial & Insurance Solutions, Louie was a non-captive agent at First National Equity, 21st Century Financial, Northwestern Mutual, and Prudential where he worked with major carriers such as Midland National Life and Penn Mutual. In addition to serving as a financial planner, Louie has held various leadership positions that included agent recruitment, training, and development. In his recruiter role, Louie was recognized by GAMA International as a Platinum recruiter for exceeding expectations in identifying and hiring the right talent. His ability to build long-lasting relationships is evidenced through his client retention rates. Louie has been blessed with serving the same clients for decades, helping multiple generations of family members achieve financial wellness.

Throughout most of his financial and insurance career, Louie has worked alongside attorneys and accountants to help preserve and grow the assets of senior clients through careful estate planning. This specialization served as a strong foundation for Louie’s comprehensive financial planning services that extend across a wide range of clients including high-net-worth individuals, families, and single adults. He is passionate about growing Trinity Financial & Insurance Solutions and being able to offer clients the highest level of personalized service and products backed by financial institutions with solid reputations and credit ratings.

Guided and grounded by a much higher purpose than meeting performance quotas, Louie acts in a steward capacity and strives to make every client interaction a supportive one that will be a catalyst for future growth. “It can sometimes be challenging for people to talk about their finances but I have a genuine concern for my clients’ well-being that I believe comes across at our very first meeting,” says Louie. “I focus on building meaningful relationships and asking questions to expose needs to create a clear vision. By doing so, I can truly understand a person’s situation, develop a financial plan that meets their needs, and stay connected with them to ensure accountability.”

Clients find Louie to be caring, friendly, and easy to talk to. His natural desire to serve others extends beyond his financial work. Being deeply rooted in faith, he is involved in many community activities where he finds true joy in serving those in need of help. He is the founder of iAAMOG Ministries in Akron and a long-time active member of Christ Community Chapel – Hudson Campus where he participates in weekly Men of the Word Bible Study. Louie completed a two-year Christian Leadership Concepts program in 2013.

When Louie is not serving clients or discipling, you may find him camping, hiking, running, or traveling the world to unique destinations. He is lifelong Akron resident and lives in the city’s Highland Square neighborhood.

I welcome the opportunity to meet with you at your home or a Trinity Financial & Insurance Solutions office where we can speak comfortably and get to know one another. You may call me at (330) 352-1425 to schedule an initial consultation or click the button below to have me contact you.